Can I please just point out the fact that Seamus’ riding in the crate atop the family station wagon happened back in 1983? Let’s look at a dogs life in 1983. Back in those days, it was typical for beloved family dogs to live in the backyard with access to a dog house. Where I lived, there were no leash laws and dogs were free to roam and romp at will, sometimes with tragic results. I never saw anyone walking a dog on a leash. Fast forward to present times, we now knows dogs are pack animals, it is cruel to leave them outside away from the family pack, no matter how big their yard, or access to fields and forest, it is critical they be leash walked daily. In the case of mine, twice daily weather permitting. 

I am sure the Romney’s were loving dog owners and were happy to include Seamus on their family vacations. He did willingly climb up into that crate. If it was illegal then, as it is now, I am pretty sure a state trooper would have pulled them over. 

In contrast, most people know Bo drew the short straw when it came time to manufacture a ‘rescue’ dog for the Obamas. No, Bo does not have to ride in a crate, he often flies in his own plane at taxpayer expense for photo-ops with this rented family. If these people did anything with this dog away from the cameras, surely he would know how to walk on a leash by now, which he does not, he is always pulling and out front. In contrast, George Bush’s dogs were never on a leash and always right at his heel.