Snarky questions on Ann Romney’s decision to devote her life to raising children abound. Most often, snorts of derision coupled with “sure, how many nannies, cooks, maids and chauffeurs did she have?”

Has anyone asked her? Have any come forward? I am betting the number was small, very small, if any. Here is what we do know. They didn’t use chauffeurs to go on vacation. Like the rest of us who grew up in the northeast, vacations were endless car trips. I remember one where my family stopped for gas, another family pulled up at the next pump, with a carload of boys. He peered into our car of girls and asked my dad if he wanted to trade. I bet Mitt Romney felt that way more than once too.

Nannies? maybe, maybe not. If there was one, she clearly didn’t raise the kids. Cooks? I bet not. I remember Mitt saying how worried Ann was that she wouldn’t be able to cook or take care of her family when they got her MS diagnosis. Mitt said he was happy to eat cereal and peanut butter sandwiches for dinner. Doesn’t sound like they had a cook to me. 

Mitt grew up wealthy and his own father made him and his brother shovel the driveway. I call on these anecdotes to demonstrate, by all or most accounts, this family isn’t much different than mine, nor how I grew up. As a middle class mom, I have no issues connecting with Mitt and Ann Romney.