The letter decrying the loss of funding for Planned Parenthood left out a few facts. Let us realize Planned Parenthood nationally raises ONE BILLION DOLLARS nationally. No one is suggesting they cease to exist, but it is not reasonable, to expect taxpayers to foot that bill.

But more chilling are the writers views on Eugenics. To suggest that by the state not paying for birth control and abortion, society will be saddled with a bigger bill when forced to subsidize the raising of children by poor women. Such thinking smacks of Nazi-ism and is vile among decent people. Who is to say women, because they are poor cannot be inspired to seek a better life for themselves and their children?

Moreover, alternatives to abortion include adoption, the writer left that our as well in his quest to “stop the multiplication of the unfit”. 

Cheap birth control is available readily and free birth control is available through title X. Tax payer funds need not foot the bill for a large, overfed private agency that does even a better job fundraising than they do performing abortions.

 For more on the disgusting Eugenics movement, please read Michelle Malkins “To Stop the Multiplication of the Unfit”