Two editorials appear today in the AZ Republic which juxtapose each other perfectly. On one page, there is an unemotional fact based piece on the upcoming death and destruction of social security and Medicare.  The picture  illustrates the root of the problem. Princess Eugenics herself, HHS Kathleen Sebelius, the heinous, communist Nazi is busy steering Medicare off a cliff to put everyone on Obamacare.

On the other, an incongruous diatribe by the dean emeritus of U of A college of medicine who thinks Obamacare is the bees’ knees. Obamacare is the socialist Leviathan that will destroy Medicare, healthcare and lives. Repealing Obamacare must be the number one priority of all voters in November, lest memories of Obama’s Greek columns of the 2008 convention morph from a bombastic display of artifice and ego into the harbinger of renaming our country “The Peoples Republic of Greece. “