Another liberal letter writer to the AZ Republic is missing a few biscuits in his chuck wagon.

Calling attention a prior astute observer who opined, the time for a cool president had passed and now we were in need of a competent one.

Our letter writer today claims it was cool to save the auto industry and cool to have the financial leadership to stave off a depression.

Of the many and myriad fallacies of this administration, saving the auto industry is perhaps the most laughable. The American auto industry as it is today was in no danger of rolling “forward” over the cliff.

Dick Morris reports only one third of GM’s employees are working in the states. As a long time employee for Toyota, I had a unique front row position. And from this seat, we sat and watched that through sheer innovation, Hyundai, another auto manufacturer who produces tons of cars in the United States posted record gains. They did this through sheer innovation with their buyback guarantee. Kia, Hyundai, Mercedes, Honda are but four of foreign automakers who produce in the states. And unless I miss my guess, all or most of which who do so without unions.

What Obama did was merely suck the dick of the auto unions whose relevance ceased to exist a very long time ago.

Had GM and Chrysler been allowed to disappear off the face of the earth, America would have kept on rolling and the majority of those displaced employees would have found work with other automakers. Much like what the workers of American Motors did when they were absorbed and shuttered by Chrysler.

The need for cars had not diminished a great deal during these early dark days of the horrific recession. Moreover, it was democrats under the Bush administration who kicked the Big Three to the curb initially and it was Bush who signed the first bailout, much to my continued chagrin. Obama just kept the faucet on until the unions had drank their fill.