Ah, Happy Mothers Day to moi.  When it comes to providing me material to rebut, today’s Arizona Republic delivered like Dominos.


Let’s start with a headline proclaiming Josh Romney was booed off the stage at the AZGOP convention. Really? Sounds more like wishful thinking to Arizona’s largest rag. Sources at the event say Ron Paul’s goons booed him as he LEFT the stage, they did not FORCE him from the stage. By the by, such thug, mob like behavior is indicative that Paul’s followers are more like Obama’s, than either man would like to admit.


Moving on, Planned Parenthood funds.  The Susan B Anthony List praises Arizona for shutting funds off to clinics that provide abortion. Since Planned Parenthood is the world’s largest abortion factory, they would primarily be affected here in our state. Cry me a river.  As Republicans, we are not calling for the demise of Planned Parenthood; we just do not want our tax dollars funding abortion clinics. Planned Parenthood raises over a billion dollars a year on their own. I think the faucet needs to be shut off at the national level too.


And most nauseating of all, is the headline column regarding society owes mothers more than one day a year for honor. No, people, society as a blob, doesn’t owe mothers, as blob a thing. If moms want more honor, do what I do, demand it from those you raise. I don’t need reaffirmations from society about the work I do as a working mother, nor do I accept criticism from Obama’s hired mouth Hilary Rosen.  To say Ann Romney never worked a day in her life says quite a bit about how little Rosen knows about mothering. For those of us who DO know about raising kids, Rosen and her ilk amount to little more than a lone mosquito.