The Arizona Republic might want to run their own stories through “AZ Fact Check” before printing them.

In today’s Chandler Republic, there is a guest columnist named Rozina Khan who needs to be called onto the carpet.  Khan opines that strict gun control needs to be in place in Arizona for all the usual foolish reasons such as “do we really need to defend ourselves? Isn’t that what the police are for?” And the hilarious “we don’t need to ward off an aggressive government”

But she missed the target by a mile when she marveled it was no wonder Mexican drug cartels were able to buy 700 guns using straw purchasers last year.  She left out the part that this operation was done under the guidance of none other than Eric Holder in a total attempt to erode the second amendment.

The Republic did a pretty fair job reporting on this during the congressional hearings last year where Holder stonewalled and remains unindicted. It is shocking this column be printed at all due to the alarming lack of facts.

So here again, Arizona Republic, here is my rebuttal which won’t be printed. Nor will you print any other. I challenge you to make me eat my words. Something tells me I will be going to bed hungry.