Too bad the AZFact Check of the Arizona Republic doesn’t cover blatant media bias.

On a positive note, because I’m a giver like that, their letter section has two letters of opposing viewpoints on the same subject. And their opinion section has an editorial by Richard Cohen and Kathleen Parker, both of the Washington Post. Not on the same subject mind you, but this is what I like to see. 

But their front page is what we are here to talk about. Where the most critical story of the day goes, is a hit piece on Jesse Kelly, the Republican candidate running in AZ congressional district 8, which is not even in the market covered by the Republic. This race has no bearing on the market the Republic covers, why is it there? 

Maybe because Kelly, who narrowly lost to Democratic sacred cow Gabrielle Giffords’ in 2010, is running against fellow victim Ron Barber.  This two page smoking gun describes Kelly as an anti stimulus candidate who’s family business benefitted from stimulus dollars. I can’t speak to all places this paper has home delivery, but I can’t imagine there are tens of thousands of people in district 8 reaching under their cars and shrubbery on a fetch and devour mission of this nature.