Newt Gingrich needs to tear a page from his own playbook and cut his own pious baloney. Feigning shock at the opening question regarding (ex-) wife’s ABC interview is insulting to the electorate and unbecoming of the speaker. He was not in the least bit surprised, he prepared for that question all day long and the speaker delivered like Domino’s based upon the standing ovation.

Newt’s history of infidelity on their own has no relevance to his ability to lead. But what they do indicate a complete inability to focus and stay the course. His capricious nature is the concern here. Not very long ago he said if a judge made a decision he didn’t like, he would haul them via federal marshals to congress to explain himself.

A steady hand and head is needed for the oval office, a rock solid leader. At face value, Gingrich is an over the hill randy teenager running against 3 grown ups that do not need to put their pants on and go home after sex. Who do you want getting the 3 a.m. call?