Saturdays are shaping up to be second Amendment defense day around here. Yet again, the Chandler arm of the Arizona Republic prints a misinformed editorial about limiting gun rights.

I could not find a link online anywhere to support this blog, but will email a copy to the opinions editor. She can refute my views if she chooses.


The author Marieke Davis is a recent grad of Mesquite High School in Gilbert, AZ and is no stranger to adversity. Several column inches set up her tale, making me the Miss Meany Pants for poking holes in her entitlement thinking.

It was in Davis’ neighborhood where she resides with her mother that neo-Nazi Fascist JT Ready murdered 4 people, including a baby before turning the gun on himself.  I am quite sure this atrocity leaves an indelible mark on everyone nearby. However Davis lays the blame at the feet of the lax gun laws and drew a cartoon ostensibly to support this, which I didn’t get at all.

I take issue with her claims that the NRA and Minuteman Project have remained oddly quiet, yet does not support this by detailing her efforts for comment. Because this appeared in the Republic, I am betting she didn’t and got brownie points and an entire page to air her views to boot.

Most jaw dropping is her claim that the second amendment does not trump HER right to feel safe in her own home. Yes it does. Feeling safe is up to YOU. We should not have to meekly surrender our rights and arms to make her, or anyone else feel safe. Make yourself feel safe Marieke, you are not my problem and are in no danger around me. Nowhere in the constitution does it say everyone around you has the obligation to make you feel safe. That is just “Flukian” nonsense.  

Her most egregious claim however is that J.T. Ready was a right wing extremist. Not true. As a card carrying member of the national socialist movement and a democratic candidate for sheriff of Pinal County, Ready was a LEFT wing extremist. The Republican Party shunned Ready years ago.