HT to AZBrad for the title 

I see London, I see France, I see E.J. Montini’s biased ass.  

To dub the Goldwater Institute a think tank shows just how far E.J. Montini has sunk since the foreclosure of the fourth estate. The Goldwater Institute is hallowed ground for libertarian leaning Republicans, whose mission is to keep the barbarians at the gate. Because the Arizona Republic and it’s liberal brethren refuse to do so. 

If they are so good at litigation, why are the Phoenix Coyotes still around? The raw deal imposed on the residents of the City of Glendale, by the city of Glendale to ensure their tax dollars were hard at work to keep the mediocre money loser, the Phoenix (really Glendale) Coyotes in town should be criminal. 

Why do out of state donors support an Arizona organization geared towards preserving liberty? I don’t know, maybe because unions spend taxpayer’s union dues on furthering their own agenda in as many states as they need to. I bet my Arizona tax dollars were funneled from one public service union to feed their epic failure in Wisconsin. So, let’s just call that a push.   

In addition to Montini’s bias showing, so are his blue-collar Pennsylvania steel roots showing. For Montini, Goldwater’s biggest sin is to defend the private sector from over-reaching public service unions. The bottom line is, public service union’s spending Union dollars is unions spending taxpayer’s money. No matter how you slice it, Public service worker salaries would not exist were it not for a robust private sector footing the bill.  

Teachable moment. The private sector is no longer robust and dependent on The Goldwater Institute to push back and keep the union leviathan at bay.