Here are the 4 things I learned from EJ Montini 

  1. He is a hypocrite. He bemoans out of state dollars, donated to the Goldwater Institute, but defends public service unions whenever possible. Jurisdiction doesn’t exist when it comes to unions furthering their agenda, where and when ever possible.  The Coyotes deal has been a bad deal for the residents of Glendale since the outset. And it keeps getting worse. Each and every homeowner in the city is on the hook for that team. When the city council votes to continue to feed this beast, which is taxation without representation. Just like public service unions.
  2. EJ Montini is a perfect Arizona Republic employee. He is diligent at confusing the news with agenda. Hat tip to my friend @AzBrad for that one.
  3. Without knowing the details of the City of Phoenix’s deal with the Arizona Diamondbacks, can I just point out the Diamondbacks are not money losers? In fact, they are past world champions too.
  4. The Goldwater Institute IS working to defend hardworking men and women. They are consistent in fighting taxation without representation. EJ Montini is just pissed they have taken aim at public service unions.  The fights are not dissimilar.