One needs a shovel in order to read Laurie Roberts today

If I could produce half the shit flowing from her pen, I wouldn’t need Benefiber. Liberal Laurie cackles that Republicans have “played into Obama’s hands” and are tripping over the rope we have stretched across the country.” 

Not so. 

Of the two Arizona congressmen she quotes, (well sort of, she didn’t cite them, but it sounds like them to me) Ben Quayle and Paul Gosar have stayed right on message. Gosar adroitly points out Obama wants to be king. And I agree with this. Obama’s desperation plays pole vault past someone who wants to serve a scant four more years. 

Quayle reminds us Obama and his Lumberjack jackbooted thug Napolitano have failed to secure the border at all, instead preferring to back door amnesty in an attempt to shore up the Hispanic vote. 

Anyone needing details of this power play need only look at Senator Marco Rubio’s modified dream act from where this was boosted. 

And doing her level best to ensure no one sees Obama’s power play for what it is, his latest pivot to pander to votes, Is Laurie Roberts to paint Republicans as racists who want to scoop up Hispanic toddlers and throw them back over the border. 

Remember, it was Mitt Romney who said the best way to stem the tide of illegals was to remove the magnets. Setting the bar at 16 years of age does little to destroy this “Obamagnet”. It was also Romney who said he would personally like to staple a green card to the degree of every foreign national who got a four-year degree here.

To paint Republicans as racist is irresponsible and false. Roberts once again shows liberals are never right, just loud.