Once again, EJ Montini’s ass is pea green with jealousy over the shit pouring forth from his pen.

Vigorously defending he Comrade in Chief for “doing the right thing” and not just pandering, (um yeah ok), he vilifies Governor Jan Brewer for signing SB1070 in order to get re-elected, yet cites not one fact to back this up.  And writes as if Obama invented amnesty.

Most disingenuous, is Montini’s citing 3 and 6 year olds as examples of innocents. He forgets that the Panderer in need, has drawn the line at 16 year olds, topped them out at 30 and pissed on, not only the constitution, but also his own stance, again and again. How nice of these young people to rush to his aid when all else has blown up in his face.

My youngest child is 15. He can get a learners permit. If I dragged him into a 7-11 while I held it up at gunpoint, his defense of being a minor with his mother would yield a trial as an adult.  Were he were a girl, he would be able to skip into an abortion clinic and whack a baby.

At 16, he can drop out of school, get a driver’s license, get a job, and get another abortion behind my back (but dang it, not his tonsil taken out! That’s a blog for another day). The point is, 16, is beyond old enough to know right from wrong and dutifully follow ones parents into a life of crime. And to jump up out of your chair at age 30 to grab your get out of jail free card is beyond all reason.

I object not to the idea, but rather the fiat in which this was handled. I object to the age range and am not the only conservative that recognize the dictator in the making has recognized there are far more voters between the ages of 16 and 30 than there are 0-18.  If Mao Tse Tung wanted to effect reasonable change, he would have championed Senator Marco Rubio’s proposal and not spent the past three years poo-pooing executive order with regards to immigration reform.