It is baffling to understand how this story can be considered news. It is a one sided essay about someone who appears to be another democrat carpetbagger who single handedly heads up LD18. 

It might surprise readers to know CJ Briggle in fact has a counterpart, Jeni White the Republican chair of LD18. I guess next week is her profile? I won’t be holding my breath. 

It is the height of irresponsible reporting to print proclamations by Briggle that the needs of the residents of LD18 are not being met. She does not speak for me. She goes on to tout what issues she finds important and again, assigns this to all. One such need would be to assure taxation without representation does not occur. Thank Goodness for Sal DiCissio! 

Briggle attacks DiCissio and the reporter fails to get his comments, see mine above wondering why this was a news piece. DiCissio fearlessly took on the public worker unions in the city of Phoenix. The very thugs Cj Briggle “represents”.  For his efforts, DiCissio’s personal property has been vandalized, his wife directly threatened and his tiny daughter indirectly threatened while out to dinner with her warrior daddy. 

Despite this, DiCissio goes about his business with a smile on his face and fire in his heart to represent the tax payers in the city of Phoenix, while CJ Briggle engages in little more than political ding dong dash.