What if the principles of Obamacare were applied to auto insurance? I shall parse a bit. States, not the federal government have differing requirements for insurance should a driver cause damage to person or property while operating a motor vehicle. If financing a vehicle, the bank will require extra coverage for theft, discovered damage, etc. Many insurance companies offer value added services such as towing and car rental, all designed to protect the insured and/or finance company against the unintended catastrophe. 
Now imagine if car insurance suddenly included all your oil and filter changes, tire rotations and routine service! Not only yours, But Everyone on your street! Not only that, your driving record didn’t matter, and neither did your neighbors. No insurance company could turn you down. Doesn’t that sound wonderful? Read on.

Uh oh. The Auto Manufacturer, the expert on all things your car, has a recommended maintenance schedule in order to upkeep your warranty, but it doesn’t jibe with what the maintenance schedule the insurance company will pay for, and the shop is prohibited by the insurance companies from accepting cash.  Your premiums have sky rocketed and the wait for service is weeks beyond what anyone finds prudent for the vehicle.

Maybe it is best to just say no. Do not buy this terrible insurance. Of course that means, no new cars, because remember, loans and leases require comprehensive and collision coverage, (thus gutting the auto industry, who will be primed for bailout number 5, but I digress.) It is better to buy old clunkers, avoid the insurance and have your taxes hiked in retaliation. But do not fret. All is not lost. If you have a crash, you can immediately call your insurance agent and buy the insurance with no regard to your pre-existing condition.