I have a cheeseburger. I worked, earned money and paid for my cheeseburger with said money. In the spirit of us all playing by the same rules, and an eye on the bill from China, I sent 40% of my cheeseburger to the land of the rising sun. Of the 60% remaining, let’s be conservative and say I had to give only 20% to someone who had no cheeseburger, either by choice or chance. Suppose this person is a vegetarian and says “no thanks” to the cheeseburger. That’s cool, but he/she will need to pay a tax for foregoing that cheeseburger. I now may eat the remaining 40% of my cheeseburger. 
That’s our choice in November. 
Under Mitt Romney, I will still have to send 40% of my cheeseburger to China to pay down that debt. But I won’t be forced to give up another percentage of it to someone who doesn’t want it, who won’t in turn be taxed for saying no. 
Just Keeping things Right in my mind.