Did someone say Pro choice? Keep the Government out of reproductive rights? Choice was ripped away today ladies. Everyone, EVERYONE pays for FIVE forms of birth control whether they use it or not. Use another? Still pay for the five and continue to pay for the one you want. 
But they aren’t forcing us to take the birth control!! 
Slippery Slope girls. 
Remember how you hated it when Pro Choice was referred to as Pro Abortion? Since Choice in birth control was ripped away, we are back to pro abortion. 
There is not much choice in the HHS Birth Control Mandate. (At least the title of it is truthful). This is not pro woman. This is not free.

More assaults on the choices of women are happening in New York City. Nanny Mayor Michael Bloomberg has banished the bottle in all greater New York area hospitals. Bottles shall be provided after much wheedling and lecturing. Nanny Bloomberg wants all future dependents to be breast fed from their mothers before suckling at his teat. This is a gross erosion of choice and one that has women screaming, hopefully loud enough to see the forest this time

Are there circumstances where abortion may be appropriate? Sure. But I can’t drill them down and the Government sure can’t either.

I am the last person to judge abortion. I have been pregnant twice and the results of those pregnancies are upstairs plotting something. I cannot imagine the terror and pain of an unwelcome pregnancy when all three avenues are foreboding to say the least. But consider this.

The government has liberals voting against themselves on this one single issue. The government is willing to pay for abortions. They have them talking about them and nothing else. Why?