When District 5 was gerrymandered into what now is district 9 Ben Quayle moved and cast his lot against David Schweikert both freshman congressmen who served admirably. The facts are this, David’s 2/3’s of constituents are in his realigned district. Quayle was handed CD 9. Both were offered 9, both passed 

Travis Grantham and Leah Shandlebauer both are excellent, attractive candidates, but neither has ever held public office, nor lives in the district. Congress is a lofty goal and CD9 is a unique district requiring qualified representation. Washington is no place to cut ones teeth.

On the outset of this campaign, former Paradise Valley mayor was the presumptive front runner and former city council member Martin Sepulveda the dark horse in this race. Both stepped up when Ben Quayle stepped back.

Vernon Parker is a well educated train wreck, who has held and abandoned appointed, confirmed posts and chased one shiny object after another, including abandoning a prior congressional bid for a failed gubernatorial run. The Bush endorsements ring hollow as the Bush’s lack a dog in this hunt. 

Martin Sepulveda served on the city council of Chandler for 8 years non-consecutively. He slugged it out with fellow council members and when called to active duty said council members refused his offer to resign his seat. They unanimously preferred to hold it open until he return, and now endorse his congressional bid.  

When one looks at Sepulveda’s years of combat and council service the clouds part, the rainbow appears and all makes sense in CD9. If Martin Sepulveda wins the primary on Tuesday, he will win the general and finally deliver on Ben Quayle’s failed promise to “knock the hell out of Washington”. And CD9 will thank Ben Quayle.