I have a friend on twitter. Navy vet, Red Sox fan in the Diaspora, good husband, step dad, blogger, hard working guy. Never stuck his hand out except to pull someone else up.

Conservative dude in Toledo, fighting the good fight, goes to church and works at a job coaching disabled people for a major corporation, but his hours have been reduced. And when his hours have been reduced, so have the disabled workers.

So goes Ohio, So goes the nation.

What’s my point?

Our candidate Mitt Romney is coming to his hometown this week, and he can’t afford to take the two hours necessary off work to go see him. A once in a lifetime chance to see whom we believe with every fiber of our being the man who will deliver us from incompetence and he can’t go.

In a year, @richjanet96 probably will be able to take 2 hours off. But it will be too late, the campaign will be over and President Romney won’t be visiting Ohio as much.

Maybe Rich and those in his charge can take those two hours off and watch the state of the union together. And heave a sigh of relief.