The October Surprise came early, on September 11, 2012 in a well-planned terrorist attack. Intended to coincide with the anniversary of the worst terrorist attack in U.S. history on U.S soil. One week after hearing again and again that bin Laden was dead, who was surprised to see how very much alive al Qaeda still is?


president whose re-election on life support stands by and watches as 2 Navy Seals fend off marauding terrorists for seven hours and he refused to order military assistance a scant one-hour away. Instead, he jetted off to Vegas with instructions to blame it on YouTube.  Later that week amid growing skepticism they picked the producer of the movie whom as of this writing remains in custody.

A sharper contrast could not be drawn from how far we have slid in presidential leadership when one hearkens back to Ronald Reagan’s handling of the bombing

of the marine headquarters in Lebanon. Despite the lack of full court press retaliation, it was not an ongoing attack and the responsible party could not be proved.  He bore full accountability telling the NY Daily News on Oct 3 1984, “I was responsible and no one else for our policy and our people being there. I’m not going to deliver somebody’s head up on a platter, which seems to be the request of so many when things like this happen.”


Obama missed that part, so far up Hilary’s skirt was his head as he drove the bus over her state department. Turns out, October was chock full of surprises. Not only did Secretary Clinton shock and awe us all with her willingness to take the hit, she blew us away with her unwillingness to back the bus up and roll it right over her boss where it belonged.

Perhaps there comes a time where not even a Clinton can defend the indefensible. The lot of them will have to square one day with their inactions and misdeeds. Let that day come on the 7th.