Reblog on my own blog with a forward. Think it’s appropriate Obama voters reflect on what they have done.


I thought this was worth another look. Let’s close out the year reflecting on ourselves a bit. Are there any women among us over the age of 50 who voted for Obama?  Have we availed ourselves to mammograms?

If so you might want to pause a moment and think about what you have wrought upon breast cancer patients too young now for mammograms and unable to afford reconstructive surgery.  AL 12/28/1

Originally Published 10/21/12

The pink in my hair tips my hat to a friend who does not wish to be named. A breast cancer survivor, it’s in her rearview mirror. But the disease is before us as is the Leviathan waiting to swallow groundbreaking treatments, cures and restoration.

Her amazing smile can light up Manhattan, always has and thanks for science, love and G-D, she will sparkle for many, many years.  For her trials, she loves her newly acquired…

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