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Laura Freed !

Cyndee Royle After the news came out about Cyndee Royle (Lambert) of Journal News publishing the names and addresses of gun owners – I wondered: How would the journalists like it if THEIR info was published?- And lo and behold…Christopher Fountain did just that – so here you go – feel free to send them messages or perhaps drop off gifts (tis the season!) Now, apparently,  media pimp Cyndee (who loves Brooooooooce Springsteen) has “panicked” privatized  all her social media accounts  typical liberal hypocrite- but hey – feel free to call!

And Robert Cox created a map pinpointing where the reporters live…

The following info if from Mr. Fountains website:

Editor Cyndee Royle defends her decision and in fact sounds quite smug about it. Her paper is apparently still trying to obtain, and publish, information on how many guns, and their type, are registered to each owner, presumably to make shopping…

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