Sadly, through no fault of her own, Amanda Collins is both the poster child and role model for gun control and rape survivors. As a college student she was unable to bring her gun onto the campus and it was left at home the night of her rape. Collins was testifying before the Colorado state senate as they seek to trade guns for whistles and bodily fluids. She was inspired to speak out by Colorado lawmakers assault on gun rights and her bravery compels me to do the same.

Gun control is woman control. It’s population control, it’s another step towards total enslavement and control of our guns must never be surrendered to the state for federal government. Our forefathers built an entire nation and sacrificed their lives upon this principle and who are we to tear this down?

Certainly not sneering Liberalholic Bob Beckel who scoffed at the notion of rapes on campus and later rolled his eyes at the thought of shooting ones date. Why would shooting your date be any worse than being pinned down, having a thumb jammed on your neck so you cannot breath or scream while he slams away at you leaving you feeling stabbed?  And all of it taking place mere yards from your family or dorm residents with either his thumb or your shame preventing you from crying out. Yes Bob Beckel, some dates do need to be shot, and some commentators need to be shot down.

Nor should clueless state senator Evie Hudek who admonished Collins that her attackers superior size not only mitigated her being a taekwondo “person” but would have resulted in her gun being taken away from her as well. Hudek’s ignorance knows no bounds including taekwondo and firearms. As Collins pointed out, the hulking Hudek wasn’t there and doesn’t know if a firearm would have been effective.

Republicans lost a winnable election by getting tangled in the myriad definitions of rape, gleefully reported in all media outlets but now all but the non-Fox media is strangely silent. Politicians of both stripes are getting tangled in these weeds but only Republicans are the ones getting choked off.

I am a conservative woman who believes in personal responsibility and who as a teenager was legitimately, date rape-raped or otherwise euphemism’d in those weeds. I assure you, my own bad choice landed me there but that in no way mitigates the crime committed that day. I made a mistake. He made a felony.

Letting him in the house when he wasn’t supposed to be is not much different than turning up the wrong street, or being a Good Samaritan by letting someone use your phone.  No means no, get off means get off and yes Bob Beckel, date rape on campus is rampant and deadly force can and should be used to stop any and all types of rape.  He was almost a foot taller than me and had a good 70 pounds on me. No amount of pee or puke was going to stop that.

I don’t know if being raped by a stranger in an alley is better or worse than being raped by someone who professes to love you. Or, it if it’s fair for women who are vigilant in guarding their bodies, and their drinks in bars must now guard firearms in their handbags. But I do know it is unconstitutional to tell them they may not have that firearm or that it is wise to cede to government to guardianship of their bodies, as they not have not done a very good job with that well regulated and overly taxed drink.

I am not suggesting that all women arm themselves, it is my contention that we have the choice under the second amendment to carry or not. But to rob us of the choice just makes it easier for the rapist and the Government to achieve total control.

Originally posted on Jarkesy Political 3/7/13