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benghaziDear Liberal Apologists,

Behold the banner you wave when conservatives bring up the Benghazi attacks:


In not one of these horrific attacks that occurred on George W Bush’s watch do we find a cover up. Not once do we see where Bush said, “Welp, gotta get me some shut-eye, cause I am heading to Vegas!”

READ MY LIPS! We conservatives are furious about the COVER-UP! George Bush never blamed his predecessor, much less YouTube for his myriad failures. Ronald Reagan, who set the gold standard in taking responsibility never, blames Carter, nor did Clinton blame Bush 1 for his peccadilloes and disastrous first 2 years.

Stop the shuck and jive for Obama, you can’t possibly be comfortable with him turning his cold, narcissistic back on four Americans under attack, if George W. Bush had done that, I assure you conservatives would be leading the charge to hold his feet to the fire.

According to the original HuffPo article, 98 people were killed in the 13 embassy attacks under Bush’s’ watch.  I have not counted the wounded or parsed the Americans from the nationals, as every life lost is a tragedy.

So I ask you this. If President Obama took to the podium to address the nation following the Benghazi attacks and addressed it as an evening up the numbers, would that really be okay with you?

If Obama said, “ My fellow Americans, uh, uh, uh,…..In a brutal attack on our embassy in Benghazi, Libya, we lost four brave Americans. I chose not to send help from the nearby CIA operatives because we really need to even up this body count. George W Bush allowed 98 people to die in embassy attacks on his watch, so as Commander in Chief, it is my responsibility to even the score. We thank these brave patriots for their service and sacrifice.  If you have a problem with that, what difference does it make?”

Liberals, is that really ok with you? Every time you chirp about Bush’s failings, the above is precisely what I hear. This can’t be okay with you. I assure you, no true conservative would swallow this swill from a Republican president, nor shall we from a liberal POTUS.