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Recently, I’ve been lamenting Mitt Romney’s loss and have been pretty frustrated with people who simply didn’t vote or voted for Gary Johnson, a great guy and obviously far more qualified than Barack Obama to be sure, but it begs the question…  Are you still happy with how you voted? 

But I began thinking about it in terms of John McCain, Jeff Flake and the democrat majority now on the hill representing Arizona made possible both by gerrymandering and “politics of party purity” in Arizona. And thinking how I will NEVER, EVER cast another vote for McCain for Flake, (or McFlake as I like to think of him)

And that makes me one big fat hypocrite.

I can’t turn back the clock and try and reason with other Libertarians on how Mitt would have run a pro free enterprise White House. But I can sure learn from them and support primary runs against entrenched incumbents that forget what party they are in and who they represent. But if they retain their place on the ballot, I would be voting against myself to vote for the democrat to run them off.

In order to stop this downward trajectory of our country as it is being dragged towards progressivism with the help of a complicit media, I am going to have to adopt some of that diversity and flexibility that I keep talking about. 

It may be extremely painful for me to get behind an ill qualified GOP candidate to unseat Kristin Sinema this fall, but perhaps I will be better served if I act as an agent of change instead of staying home in utter defiance.  Either way, pain will be involved, it’s just a matter of picking your poison.