In any juvenile bullying situation, you will see a bully, a target and many, many bystanders. These bystanders are kids who know better, feel awful but do not speak out. If one would, think about it. The impact it would have on the entire situation would be awe-inspiring. Other children would immediately speak out; the bully would hear this, as would those who identify with the aggressor and those who feel sympathy as well as the victim.

One voice has the power to make another voice speak up, or silence the laughter of another. It can make another shut up or make yet another realize he or she isn’t alone and this isn’t ok, but I will be someday.

The laws of the jungle carry forth to the means streets of social media and life. Women put up with rude comments online and cat calling in public and are now ridiculed for asking for legislation to outlaw this boorish behavior.

Don’t get me wrong, I am always happy to dump on these Shiite feministas, however my own experiences make me at least understand why they might be asking for such laws, society never sticks up for them. They didn’t as children and they don’t as adults. As a whole, we are teaching our children not to bully, but we aren’t teaching them what to do when they see it in action.

Everyone has either been catcalled or witnessed the same. But has anyone ever witnessed a male bystander just standing up and telling the All talk no action bigmouth to just shut up? I haven’t either. Men say whatever they want, at any time to whomever they want all the time with positive results. When a woman tries this the outcome is not quite the same.

I recently took down a picture I loved from a collection for which I paid several hundred dollars because I got tired of the following strangers’ comments:

“What Can I say? Your Header pic won me over”

“Mostly the uncropped version, which reminds me, I’ve got a Jacuzzi that’s been acting up. “ 

“well….are you going to come fix it or not?”

One week later….

“so about that tub…”

Teachable moment for those of you who may need one, when your “compliments” are met with silence, they are not compliments they are creepy. And for those of you who did see it and said nothing, well next time you see me, slap me for not knowing my place. Because of creepsters and crapweasels, I can’t have nice things.