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Socialism kills. It killed Eric Garner. It killed millions under Stalin and it killed again exactly according to plan last night when two New York City police officers were executed by a madman whipped into a frenzy by weeks of protesting and looting in New York and around the country.

To brand the all police ‘racists’ due to the actions of one causing the brutal, heartbreaking death of a man who, sick to death of being hassled for selling loose cigarettes is irrational at best. Some see this as the death penalty due to New York City’s onerous cigarette taxes, others see this as a teachable moment on steroids to comply with police instructions and not resist arrest.

I would think most people would see it as a combination of the later coupled with extreme police brutality while enforcing a ridiculous law that the police should not have to enforce. But to make the leap that all police are racist speaks more to their own racism then that of One Police Plaza.

Suddenly, the crowd that thinks the actions of one police officer means the entire force is racist has decided the execution of officers WenJian Liu and Rafael Ramos were the actions of a crazed lone wolf, well ‘scuse me while I kiss the sky,’ I’m having none of it.

If you think shutting down bridges, blocking ambulances, invading private business and paging race baiting Al Sharpton is a rational response to a brutal heartbreaking death where a man’s last words were “I can’t breathe” than I can’t help.

Liberals. You did build that.

And yet still, New York’s finest remain just that.