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Five months ago The Jim and Mickey Show debuted and I haven’t been the same since… “Here’s the thing” is their signature phrase and the three little words I can’t wait to hear all week.

National Review’s Jim Geraghty and Conservative Broadcast veteran Mickey White teamed up and started a weekly radio show that is essentially, “We’re conservative, so what?”

If Seinfeld was a TV show about nothing, The Jim and Mickey Show is a show about everything.

“We’re conservative, so what?”

They speak about pop culture, movies, TV, Football (I capitalize football because if you love Jim and Mickey football is Football), holidays, Halloween (see Football), sex, politics, television and general everything, ‘stuff’.

They are the Tracy and Hepburn of talk radio, the unmarried Burns and Allen who work so well, likely because they are not.

She is my Taylor Swift and has eyebrows to die for. He is my Jerry Seinfeld. Geraghty’s droll wit usually leads to, “welp.. we just lost Mickey” as she dissolves into laughter.  Every week I am one of thousands of people who feel like they are talking just to me. Once they did,

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After years of being marginalized by the mainstream media, we have now had a voice that makes us feel welcome and normal in everyday society again.

She’s Mickey White, he’s Jim Geraghty, and I be all like ;