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As the ever-crowded GOP field of Presidential candidates jockey for position for a spot in the coveted 10 spaces in the upcoming Fox News debate, Mike Huckabee takes aim at the lead for the race to the bottom.

Criticizing the very bad Iran deal Secretary of State John Kerry is peddling, Pastor Mike Huckabee had this to say, “Will take the Israeli’s and march them to the door of the oven”.

Reducing the Holocaust to a sound bite in a desperate attempt to wrest attention from fellow clown Donald Trump is, as Obama himself said, “ Stupid, if it wasn’t so sad”. This is the only time I have ever agreed with Obama.

To imply Israel is incapable of defending itself is monumentally stupid. As for the question, is Israel nuclear or not, we shall leave that to you, dear reader.


The backlash and support on Twitter was swift and severe on both sides, indicating the Huckabee fan base to be less pleasant than that of Donald Trump. One such fan had this to say, “Nailed it.”


Had I replied, “ yup! Just like Christ on the cross” the pile on would have been suffocating, albeit well deserved. Had Elie Wiesel made the Huckabee comment, this would be an entirely different conversation. Huckabee and I are free to say whatever we wish, but one of us has a little more restraint.

When Huckabee lowers himself to the debate stage next week, he should have this to say, “Mission Accomplished.”