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Under Obamacare, contraception is candy. There is only one type of medication required by law to be dispensed with zero co-pay and that is the handpicked by the government types of birth control. Not all birth control. Just the birth control selected by the government that women might wish to use. If one is not a candidate for birth control, one is still required by the government to purchase increasingly expensive health insurance that provides coverage for this.

Lest I remain unclear, I am required to purchase insurance that provides coverage for a medication no one in my family can get a prescription for and it gets astronomically more expensive every year.

I am not at all opposed to birth control, I am so tired of the canard that “Republicans hate birth control” and even more tired of the ignorant who genuinely believe this. As a young woman, I was always resourceful enough to keep myself in birth control and premium cosmetics. How did we get to a place where people actually believe the lie that birth control is healthcare?

Birth control is a lifestyle choice, not healthcare. Birth control is candy fed to brainwashed women and omega males by Democrats to buy their votes. The only thing missing is Obama parachuting onto a Planned Parenthood clinic proclaiming, “Mission accomplished.”

Birth control pills have some positive side effects that are prescribed to combat other medical conditions such as acne.  Another drug that is prescribed for its side effects is Topamax, a drug prescribed for epilepsy and migraine headaches. Topamax has also been known to be beneficial as a weight loss drug.

No weight loss drug is covered by health insurance. And now, in order to get a prescription for Topamax, your doctor must prove to the insurance company you have migraines or epilepsy.

What does this all mean? Well, as it turns out the gullible women outweighs the overweight in America. It’s either that or socialized medicine is designed to kill off people with chronic health problems like the ones that stem from obesity.

Socialism Kills. It killed affordable health insurance and it prematurely kills the weakest amongst us. Socialism kills a woman’s ability to do for herself.